Oceans of Possibilities – 2022 Kids Summer Reading Program

The program is open to children ages 12 & under. Attend free weekly programs - see our program schedule below!

Register May 16 - June 30, 2022

Participants who read at least 15 books or 1,000 pages by July 13 will receive a free prize of their choosing and be invited to attend a reward party on Wednesday, July 13.  Participants can earn additional prizes for every 15 books or 1,000 pages they read from May 16- July 30.  All prizes earned during the Summer Reading Program must be claimed by July 30.

Oceans Of Possibilities - Kids Registration Form (Ages 12 & under) -- Complete and return to RCPL May 16-June 30.  You'll receive your first reading log and a copy of the rules & program schedule.  If you prefer, you may click here to register online using Google Forms.

Oceans of Possibilities Rules & Program Schedule (Ages 12 & under)

Oceans of Possibilities - Kids flyer (Ages 12 & Under)


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2022 Summer Reading Program Schedule (Ages 12 & under)

Please attend the program scheduled for your age group: 1:00 for ages 6 & under or 2:30 for ages 7-12

Most programs last 45-60 minutes.  Parents are welcome to attend. If siblings are in different age groups, choose the time that works best!

Wednesday, June 8

"Nocturnal Animals"

See and learn about nocturnal animals including an African pygmy hedgehog, California kingsnake, straw-colored fruit bat, racoon, and Eurasian eagle owl.  Animals included are subject to change.

Wednesday, June 15

Mr. Bond's Science Guys
"Waves, Waves, Waves"

Join us to learn about waves! Waves of the ocean, sound waves, and even light waves! Discover how scientists use the ocean to create energy, laugh out loud when we change the waves of your voice, and be amazed at the destructive power of concentrated light waves!

Wednesday, June 22

TomFoolery Juggling Extravaganza

Tom Rayburn uses juggling, comedy, and unicycling to entertain audiences of all ages.

Wednesday, June 29

Kit Killingsworth - "Bubble Adventure"

This program incorporates science and physics concepts with comedy and includes tiny bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble sculptures, fog filled bubbles, and even puts a child inside a bubble!
June 30 is the final day to register for the Summer Reading Program!

Wednesday, July 6

Yarbrough's Reptile Program

You’ll see a variety of venomous and non-venomous snakes, lizards, tortoises, a hand raised American alligator named “Sweet Pea”  and even have the opportunity for a hands-on experience with a giant Python during this program presented by Maddie Prickett!

Wednesday, July 13

If you submit your reading log listing at least 15 books ­or 1,000 pages, you’re invited to attend a reward party!

Arthur Atsma's Crazy and Amazing Comedy Magic Show – Atlanta magician extraordinaire Arthur Atsma’s show weaves cutting edge, fast paced, astonishing sleight of hand magic with mentalism.  Get ready for tricks with cards, coins, comedy, and audience participation.

Pizza, ice cream, and beverages will be provided by the Rainbow City Lions Club and area businesses.

Summer Reading Program participants may continue to earn prizes until 5pm on July 30.


Program Rules

Our REWARD parties will be held July 13; however, you can continue earning prizes until July 30.

Our “Oceans of Possibilities” Summer Reading Program is open to all children ages 12 & under.   To participate in the program, register online or fill out the Summer Reading Program Registration Form and return it to the library May 16 through June 30, 2022.  You may pick up your first reading log and program calendar at the circulation desk.

You will earn a prize and be invited to attend a Summer Reading Program Reward Party on July 13, provided you read at least 15 library books or audiobooks OR read at least 1,000 pages and return at least 1 completed reading log to the library before the parties on July 13. You can earn multiple prizes by reading more books!

Record the library books you read on the provided reading log BEFORE you return your books to the library.  If your goal is to read at least 1,000 pages, you must also list the number of pages in each book you read.  Books must be read between May 16 and July 30.  Audiobooks may be counted; if you’re counting “pages” for audiobooks, use the number of pages in the physical book.

Only materials checked out from Rainbow City Public Library or read via our online catalog may be counted unless you are registered for our program through a school-sponsored summer camp with access to a school library.  Group participation and registration requires pre-approval from the library’s director.  Digital titles are available for checkout with your RCPL card with the Libby App or through the Camellia Net website.  You may also count books read through the library’s Tumble Book Library subscription.

Before you turn in your reading log, make sure you have listed at least 15 books or indicated that you have read at least 1,000 pages. Return your completed reading log to the circulation desk and select a prize from the prize board.  Ask for another reading log and start earning your next prize!

Reading logs must be returned to the library by 5:00pm on July 30, 2022.  Prizes will not be available after that time.