Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library is provided by Alabama Public Library Service and enables our patrons to prepare for academic and professional exams – online. This resource provides unlimited access to practice exams to help you advance in school or the workplace. Feel free to take any of the tests as many times as you like. Repeating the test will help you gain confidence and overcome test anxiety.

The site is divided into an Adult Learning Center, Career Center, College Center, College Preparation Center, High School Equivalency Center, School Center, and a center featuring Resources for Spanish Speakers.

Click here to access Learning Express Library.

First time users must register to use the service. 

Click the "Register Link." A registration box will open, select "Library Card" and enter your 14-digit Rainbow City Library Card number and click "create account." 

Enter the required information (email address, password, and first name) and click create account.  Be sure to make note of your password so you can access your account on future visits. 

Click here to see a list of available resources.