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Ages 4-12

Register May 13 - June 29, 2013

Attend free programs on Wednesdays during June
& July (except July 3rd) at 1:00pm for children ages 4-6 and 2:30pm for children ages 7-12.

Participants who read at least 15 books or 1,000 pages by July 24th will
receive a free backsack and be invited to attend a party on Wednesday, July 31st.

June Programs   July Programs   Program Rules

Registration Form (pdf) -- complete and return to RCPL May 13 - June 29
Printable program schedule and rules (pdf)
Flyer (pdf)


Please attend the program scheduled for your age group:
1:00 for ages 4-6 or 2:30 for ages 7-12
Most programs last 45-60 minutes. Parents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, June 5

Skin & Bones Comedy Circus  —   Join us for an entertaining show featuring juggling, ball spinning, trained dogs and a potbellied pig, magic, and plenty of comedy.

Wednesday, June 12

Be-At Your Best”    Mark Seymour’s high energy drum and music extravaganza features over 70 percussion instruments.

Wednesday, June 19

Jungle Adventures Rick Rakestraw’s popular program features a wide variety of live exotic animals including monkeys, a snake, a macaw named Rocky and more!

Wednesday, June 26

Maynard Magic & Music (Steve Burgess)  a unique variety of illusions, ventriloquism, comedy, and music that is fun for the whole family.

Saturday, June 29

Last day to register for the summer reading program!



Please attend the program scheduled for your age group:
1:00 for ages 4-6 or 2:30 for ages 7-12
Most programs last 45-60 minutes.  Parents are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, July 3 No Program

Wednesday, July 10 — Atlanta Puppet

Peter Hart serves as Puppeteer/Ring Master in the lively, audience interactive marionette performance of the Circus Puppet Show. See Roger the Dare Devil Cat be launched by catapult across the stage! Get a kiss from a quartet of Dancing Unicorns! Be amazed as Top Hat Bones comes apart and reassembles to a live rap song!  Grownups will have as much fun as the kids with this charming, unique puppet show. 



Wednesday, July 17

Diggin’ Dinos (McWane Science Center) — Explore the truly amazing animals (not just dinosaurs!) that once swam, flew or walked the Earth.



Wednesday, July 24

Secret Lairs Learn about animals that live underground, burrowing and digging their way through the world.  The program is presented by the Natural History Educational Company of the Midsouth and features a Fennec Fox, Prairie Dog and Hedgehog.

Reading logs are due today (July 24) by 7:00pm!  You will not receive a drawstring backsack if you miss this deadline.  Please do not return reading logs in the book drop.


Wednesday, July 31

REWARD PARTY!  If you submit your reading log listing at least 15 books or 1,000 pages by July 24th, you’re invited to attend the Reward party. 
Magician Russell Davis will provide entertainment. 
Refreshments will be provided by the Rainbow City Lions Club.

Drawstring backsacks and certificates will be awarded.


Dig Into Reading Program Rules

The “Dig into Reading” Summer Reading Program is open to all children ages 4-12 who have a Rainbow City Public Library card in good standing.  Children who do not meet the requirements for a free library card may be issued a card by paying a $10.00 out-of-county fee.  This fee is due on an annual basis.  To participate in the program, fill out the Summer Reading Program Registration Form and return it to the library by Saturday, June 29th.

You will earn a free drawstring backsack and be invited to attend the Summer Reading Program Reward Party on July 31st provided you read at least 15 library books OR read at least 1,000 pages and return your completed reading log by 7:00 pm on Wednesday, July 24th.

Record the library books you read on your “Dig into Reading” reading log BEFORE you return your books to the library.  You may list the title or the library barcode number of each book you have read. If your goal is to read at least 1,000 pages, you must also list the number of pages in each book you read.  If you are reading eBooks and want to count pages, list the number of pages found in the print version of the title. The number of pages for a title can often be found in the library’s catalog or on websites such as Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com.   Books must be read between May 13th and July 24th.  Audiobooks may not be counted.

Only books or eBooks checked out from Rainbow City Public Library may be counted unless you are registered for our program through a school sponsored summer camp with access to a school library.  Advance approval is required from the library director for group participation and registration.

Before you turn in your reading log, make sure you have listed at least 15 books or indicated you have read at least 1,000 pages. Verify that your correct name, phone number, and library card number are listed on the back of your reading log.

Your reading log must be returned to the designated “Dig into Reading” box.  Do not return your completed reading log to the library staff or place it in the book drop.

If you fail to return your reading log by 7:00pm on Wednesday,  July 24th , or fail to either list at least 15 books or indicate you have read at least 1,000 pages, you will not receive a backsack.

If you earn a backsack and are unable to attend a party, please pick it up at the circulation desk after the last party has concluded.  Backsacks will not be given out prior to the parties or during the time between the parties.  Backsacks that are not picked up by September 16, 2013, will be forfeited.



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